Suggested lead:  Top Democrats in Olympia met with reporters Tuesday to lay out their priorities for the 2018 session. Dan Frizzell has that story.

Wrap (:60 total): 

SULLIVAN:We want to make sure that every student, whether they’re a special ed student, or they’re in the gifted program, or the STEM program, or the bilingual program, have those resources to be successful.” [:11]

That’s House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan in Olympia. At the first Democratic news conference of the session, Sullivan and other leaders in the majority party ticked off a number of goals, including equal pay for women, the voting rights act, passage of the capital budget, and a fix for the Hirst decision that’s causing problems for some rural homeowners.  But not surprisingly, K-12 schools are a perennial priority. Legislative Democrats and Governor Jay Inslee have all speculated on additional funding.

SULLIVAN: “This is about helping over one million school kids in the state of Washington.  Making sure that they have the tools and resources necessary to be successful.  That has to be a top focus.  That has always been a lens that we’ve looked at this issue, and it will continue to be.” [:14]

Whatever they do, there isn’t much time.  The short 2018 session is set to conclude March 8. In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.