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Wrap (:70 total):

PETERSON: “We have an opportunity to make sure that our school districts are not stigmatizing kids just because they might not be able to afford lunch that day.” [:07]


That’s state Representative Strom Peterson speaking in Olympia, talking about a bill he introduced that would ban the disturbing practice of lunch-shaming and make sure every Washington K-12 student could eat a decent meal, regardless of inability to pay. Lunch-shaming happens when kids are singled out in the school cafeteria and given a bare-bones lunch, sometimes in a paper bag that distinguishes it from the typical lunch served to other students. There are even reports of cafeteria workers taking a meal away from students and throwing it away when it’s discovered the youngster hasn’t got lunch money that day.  Peterson, an Edmonds Democrat, said enough was enough.


PETERSON: “This bill came to me when I was visiting my mom back in New Mexico where I grew up and I saw that the New Mexico state Legislature had passed one of the most progressive lunch-shaming bills in the country.  And I said, well, I think the great state of Washington can certainly follow suit.” [:15]


Most Republicans voted to retain the practice, but Peterson’s legislation was OK’d by the House and now moves to the Senate for consideration.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.