Suggested lead:  A freshman lawmaker in Olympia has a novel idea to help wounded warriors transition to civilian life.  Dan Frizzell has more.

REEVES: “When we think about our commitment to military families and veterans, it’s more than just saying that we care.  It’s actually fixing the system in a way that demonstrates to them that we’re committed to their service and thanking them for it.” [:11]

Kristine Reeves has been a state representative for all of two weeks, but the Federal Way Democrat has worked on military and veterans’ issues for several years.  Although she’s an Olympia newcomers, Reeves is already generating bipartisan support for what she calls the Wounded Warrior Shared Leave Act. It’s a simple idea:  Create a shared leave pool for wounded warriors and their spouses who go to work for the state after their discharge.  They need more time off for medical issues than the average worker, and the leave pool will be there when they need it.

REEVES: “When you come into state service you’re typically on a six-month probation and you can only use your sick leave as it’s accrued.  We want to make sure that a wounded veteran who has appointments with the VA or other medical appointments has access to leave so they’re not having to take unpaid leave in order to receive the care that they deserve.” [:16]

Reeves is putting the finishing touches on the Wounded Warrior Shared Leave Act and plans to put it into the hopper in the state Capitol next week.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.