Suggested lead:  High-school seniors can set their sights on free community college tuition if a lawmaker in Olympia gets his way.  Dan Frizzell has more on that.

Wrap (:74 total):

POLLET:  “High school graduation rate right now in Washington state is just 78 percent.  It’s much lower for many of our low-income and minority students. We know we can boost that.” [:12]

That’s Representative Gerry Pollet.  The Seattle Democrat says the average student at a community or technical college in Washington has to borrow nearly six thousand dollars a year.  That puts the dream of college out of reach for countless high schoolers, increasing the dropout rate and consigning countless young people to a life of low-paying, low-skilled jobs.  The solution Pollets proposing is the Washington Promise Act.  That promise is free tuition at community and technical colleges and a real shot at a fulfilling career.

POLLET:  “It opens the door of opportunity to every Washington resident. If they graduate from high school, there is a place for them at their local community college.” [:11]

Pollet’s plan starts out modestly, offering a free freshman year to recent graduates who are eligible for state Need Grants.  That ramps up to two years in 2020, and by 2023 would expand to include all graduates regardless of when they graduated.  Pollet is putting the finishing touches on the bill and plans to formally introduce it Monday morning.  In Olympia, I’m Dan Frizzell.