Suggested lead:  Lawmakers in Olympia are casting a wary eye toward the nation's capital as Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act move closer to fruition. Dan Frizzell has that story.

Wrap (:70 total):  Once it got past a rocky start, Washington state's implementation of Obamacare has been one of the most succesful in the nation. Today three quarters of a million previously uninsured Washingtonians have coverage through the ACA. With no evidence so far of a realistic alternative coming from either Congress or the incoming administration, legislative leaders like Speaker of the House Frank Chopp are concerned.

CHOPP: "This is not about politics, this is about actually helping the people of Washington.  When you have 750,000 more people today in Washington state with healthcare, that makes a difference.  I'm here to make sure the people of Washington can have a fair shake in life, and get the things they need, whether it's healthcare or the schooling for their kid." [:20]

Much of the energy in Olympia in the young legislative session is focused on writing a two-year budget that fully funds public schools for the first time in several years, but attention to healthcare isn't far behind.  It's safe to say that, until congressional Republicans and soon-to-be-President Trump finally decide on Obamacare's fate, Chopp and his fellow Democrats are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. In Olympia, I'm Dan Frizzell.